Money and Investing

Model Portfolios for Asset Allocation

A few examples from my reading, as a starting point for your own investigations. Try at your own risk.

David Swensen

I first heard about him and his book Unconventional Success on NPR

Dr. Marvin Appel

From his book Investing with Exchange-Traded Funds Made Easy

The “One Desicion” Portfolio

For consevative investors:

For less consevative investors eliminate the cash position:

The “Ultimate ETF Strategy”

This one requires just a little bit of work.

Two Retirement Portfolios from Ben Stein

Two articles from Ben Stein (and Phil DeMuth) from Yahoo Finance.

First saving for retirement, the other an income portfolio for those already retired. (As always, use at your own risk!)

Savings for Retirement

Income Portfolio

Stock Picking Challange

A work in progress: Stock Tracker Challenge

Pick your portfolio and the site tracks your performance versus the other challengers.

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